Making the cocktail!

During the summer we will give you our best tips and ideas on how you can sell more online. Our goal is to share knowledge with you so you can and earn more money using smart online channels. At our blog you will find a lot of practical tips, guides and how to’s that will make your job selling online easier.

We start by focusing on your digital marketing mix, primary since this is the first step of your journey to online sales. Every marketer that want to be successful online have one important task. That is to build the right mix of activities and use channels that support and drive sales of your teetimes.

E-commerce can both be easy and complex at the same time, for one golf club maybe social media is the way to go, and for another golf club a strong channel might be Search Engine Marketing like Adwords, Bing Ads etc. But it could also be about using your own database together with advanced customer journeys and marketing automation. Regardless of the channels the most important thing is to find the channels who are performing the best in your marketing mix.

These are the secret ingredients in the online sales cocktail for your golf club.

So how do I start to find the right channels?

We are lucky that all digital efforts and activities are measureable and that all online campaigns, more or less are 100% transparent if they are setup properly. You already have the answer to which channels you should choose to develop for your golf club.

It’s in:

  • Google Analytics
  • SmartPanel
  • Geckoboard
  • In your social business managers
  • Advertisment dashboard.

What you need to do is analysing the incoming traffic sources, find the patterns in your traffic, what your conversion touchpoints are and where you loose your customers. If you don’t analyze all your data sources you risk investing the clubs money on bad marketing that in the end of the day don’t do anything good for you. We have seen this multiple times and it happens as a result of poor or wrong analysis. Just a waste of money…

We have a few practical golden rules that you could use as a good standard when you are in the first phase of building your golf clubs marketing mix from an analysis perspective.

Our recipe for creating the base of the cocktail:

1. List all your data sources and tools that needs to be analyzed Google Analytics, SmartPanel, Facebook Business Manager, Snapchat Business Manager, CRM, App Platform, Channel Manager, Mailchimp (or your mailplatform)

2. Make sure all your incoming links are tagged properly with UTM standards so you can follow and analyze your traffic in Google Analytics – Source, Medium and Campaign.

  • Source = Facebook
  • Medium = RotatingBanner1
  • Campaign = Summer2018
  • The finished link should look something like this:

3. Start looking for patterns in your traffic, visitors and customers. We also encourage you to use e-commerce tracking in Google Analytics so you can actually see what drives a purchase or not.

4. Make sure that all your online partners and tour operators that have links to your website have implemented a UTM-tagged link provided by you for them to use while linking to your website.

5. A good resource to generate UTM links is:

Something that is easy to forget is that your channels and your marketing mix is also organic and it develops over time. But once you have started to implement easy methods for analyzing and building a mix of activities that both market your golf club, sell teetimes and have ”good” incoming channels for traffic – then you will have a much easier job updating your marketing mix.

Remember, you have a lot of data at your hands. For it to be useful, it must be meaningful. So have that in mind all the time, otherwise it’s easy to drown.

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