During this spring Greenfee365 was looking for a country manager to be responsible for establishing relationships with golf clubs all over Spain and Portugal. They did a thorough recruitment process through LinkedIn and recieved a massive interest for the job with 263 applications to the announced position.

Now it is offical who got the job.

”We can now proudly announce that Alejandro McIver Arranz is our guy and will be our hands and feets on the ground in Spain and Portugal. He will make sure to bring our concept, platform and model to the Iberian market, he both shares our passion for golf and our vision of a platform controlled by the owner of the products. – Marcus Ekeberg, CEO & Co-founder”

Alejandro has a strong and successful background with previous experiences from Banking, Telecom, Tech, FMGC and International Trade. He will setup the first official office for Greenfee365 in Spain and will be based in the Murcia-region, one of his first tasks at hand is to activate the first golf clubs in our plaform and making them use the platform for selling tee times live through API’s.

”I’m really excited to be joining Greenfee365 where my previous experience meets with one of my personal passions in golf. Having worked in industry-leading companies that have embraced innovation and digitalisation of commercial processes, this is a unique opportunity for me to help connect golf clubs in Spain & Portugal to golfers everywhere. Alejandro Mciver, Country Manager Iberia”

If you run a Golf Club in Iberia there is a very good chance you will hear from Alex soon, we will also be attending on the IGTM in Slovenia in October.

If you are interested in more information or becoming one of the first activated golf clubs in our booking platform contact Alejandro directly.

Alejandro Mciver Arranz
Country Manager Iberia