Incentive hub

One of the most common technique within e-commerce is affiliate marketing.
With incentive hub we give you a complete solution to really earn money on your database
and channels. Through the power of a link you can refer traffic to and everytime someone
makes a booking on – you receive 10% of the ordervalue.

All with the power from a link.

Refer traffic and make money

How does it work?

We help you get up and running and provide everything you need to
start making money from being a Greenfee365 partner. Join our network of Greenfee365

partners and benefit from our uniqe
win-win-win model.


We provide you with a
unique link so all traffic
from you is tracked in our
affiliate network.


You use your link
and refer to
your database, social media,
on your website or where
you prefer.


Someone clicks on your link
and book tee times on


The booking is tracked in
our affiliate network and
you get 10% commission on
the ordervalue.

An exclusive opportunity


This is a unique introduction opportunity to use your channels, website, newsletter and database smart by refering visitors to Through a robust tracking solution we have developed an attractive affiliate program containing golf clubs from Spain, Portugal, Italy and France + all our coming markets. Golf clubs from these areas all sell their tee times and offers on

Who is Incentive hub for for?

1. You have traffic from golfers to your website.
2. You have a database with golfers.
3. You have clients asking you to book golf.
4. You have a member community with golfers.

Our solution gives you state of the art tracking and reporting. All visitors you refer to us that makes a bookings within 6 months will generate a nice cashflow to your business.

A completely new revenuestream, exclusive for Greenfee365 partners.

Contact for more information.