We recently did an interview with the Spanish magazine Golfindustria, you can read it here in Spanish and below is the english version.

Marcus Ekeberg is an experienced, salesdriven, marketing and e-commerce leader from Sweden. With a strong educational background within International Business Development (2 years in Malmö) and Strategic Communication (3 years at Lund University), Marcus is a born entrepreneur, doer and creative marketing wizard who live and breathe everything that is digital and connected to marketing, digital marketing, IT, solutions and management. He have been involved in several start-ups, founded 4 companies, worked in global organizations as well as in smaller ones. In early 2017 he founded Greenfee365, a platform which will make life easier for golfers to play wherever they want and for golf clubs to find and get to know customers and sell their tee times.

With solid owners, skilled staff and experienced entrepreneurs backing the company we have all the tools to take Greenfee365 to be a global company within the coming years.


Your business environement mix e-commerce, data and marketing, why are they so interesting?

We are a truly salesdriven company and to be successful and efficient with online sales and e-commerce in the fast-moving reality we all live in, it’s first of all crucial to both know and understand your customers. Data is the best way to achieve this. When you can understand your customers you also know how and to who you should target your marketing. But that’s not all, you also need something for the ones you target to buy or interact with, that also needs to be really intuitive and high-converting to be successful. For me and all of the staff at Greenfee365 this is not only a job, it’s a passion. We also share the love for golf of course so combining all of these ingredients make our days interesting.


Which was your motivation to focus your new platform on the golf industry?

The golf industry is within an amazing shift/transition and is moving to more digitalized processes everywhere. We will see a lot of things happening in the market as it matures. E-commerce is a natural part of this and there is a whole eco-system connected to e-commerce as a method for sales. As experts in e-commerce and digital marketing we saw that the golf industry on a worldwide scale is under-developed compared with other industries. We wanted to take all our previous experiences from e-commerce in other close and connected industries and create a company that deliver modern solutions focused on generating online sales and real customers for golf clubs that will help the digitalization regarding e-commerce in the industry and giving transparency and control to the golf clubs.


Why is Greenfee365 so profitable for golf club managers?

In the end of the day Greenfee365 is primary a straight forward and modern booking platform connecting golf clubs with golfers worldwide. We are experts in finding the right customer for the right golf club and have a secret sauce to do this. The platform is under the complete control of the participating golf clubs regarding prices and availability fully connected to your teesheet provider. Our algorithm will help golf clubs perform in our platform along with their usage and sales in the platform. So we just help you sell more and earn more on every sold tee time.

The platform and our concept is developed with the US Tee Time Coalition – Bill of Rights in mind and our model is fully compliant with these. It’s important for us that our participating golf clubs understand that it’s their tee times, and their products. We only give them a platform to sell their product in. No fee’s upfront, just a commission on the generated sales.


On the other hand, why is Greenfee365 is so useful for golfers?

We think that buying a tee time should be as easy to buy a book at Amazon or a subscription to Netflix, and it needs to be realtime sales, customers expect that. So Greenfee365 are connected to most of the teesheet providers on the market through API’s. Through our high-converting UI with a proven UX we make it easy for golfers to simply find, book and play. So no more emails or phone calls to confirm a booking, confusing deals and prices. We also offer Safe and stable checkout experiences based on the customers own preferences. All with transparent and fully GDPR compliant handling of data.


After working four years close to Los Naranjos Golf in Marbella you know pretty good Spanish golf industry, which are the key points of it?

During my years at Los Naranjos I had a front row seat at learning what was good in the industry today and what could be developed and what was missing. Both from the golf club perspective regarding e-commerce aswell as from the golfer perspective. To sum it up: the golf clubs have a hard time controlling their own product, decreasing margins, old-fashioned business models, customer data is a black box and golden chest for someone else than the golf club, to much money is being wasted on poor marketing with low ROI.

For the golfer it’s quite confusing to find the right place to purchase and book a tee time. We give them that place. Wherever, whenever and on their preferences.


Spain is a strong touristic golf country, do this point help to decide to create Greenfee365 close to the Spanish market?

Yes, Spain is not only our core and launching market it has a long history of tourism and specially golf tourism so entering Spain first was a very natural step for us. We also feel that Spain and Spanish golf clubs is mature to take the next steps towards e-commerce. Then of course we have a unique connection to Spain and the Spanish golf clubs that goes back decades.


What are your goals for the coming months?

First of all we really look forward to initiate relationships with golf clubs in Spain that want to sell more tee times, get to know players for real and earn more money on their online sales.

Our primary goals in the nearest future is to further establish our permanent presence in the region with our newly hired Sales Manager which at the moment is a secret top-talent recruitment.  But we also plan to roll out the first version of Greenfee365 and make a profound impact in terms of generating sales and volume for the participating golf clubs using our. In the end of the day it is what is left on the last row that really makes the difference.

We are proud to say that we have a proven method on how to hypertarget and generate online sales together with an intelligent platform for golfers to use for buying and booking tee times.