Manic about golf
& e-commerce

We are crazy about making the world’s best and easiest platform for finding and booking golf.
We think about it all the time. We don’t like bad user experience, unsafe checkouts and poor deals when we buy online
services ourselves. So we decided to do something different and we are truly dedicated to bringing the future to the golf industry.
It’s time for a revolution. It’s time to give the product back to the
golf clubs.

Let us show you.

Our history


We love golf, e-commerce and creating beautiful code. A good combination.

Our founder Marcus actually grew up as a neighbor to Lyckorna Golfclub in Sweden.
But it wasn’t until he began working 2014 on Costa Del Sol and
Los Naranjos in Marbella he really dedicated himself to the golf industry.
Together with his team they placed Los Naranjos as one of the top courses in terms of online sales.

During that journey we learned all the lessons and what a modern golf club needs to be able to
build an effective sales channel online. We also saw what was missing on the market today. Everything from modern business models,
transparent platforms to effective targetting of golfers.
On a global scale.

Marcus decided to do something with all the gained knowledge and quit his job 2017 and decided to start Greenfee365.
Today we are a team of fantastic people that all share the idea to do good things for the golf industry.
With shared expertise we have built our state-of-the-art platform, that has one single purpose –
to sell greenfees, a lot of greenfees. But not in the
old way controlled by us, but controlled by the golf clubs.
We just give you the platform.

Connecting golfers with great golf.