Sales hub

With modern e-Commerce, beautiful design, high usability and powerful marketing,
we have one of the most advanced and high-converting platforms on the market. We have proven methods
for hypertargeting and finding golfers and are confident we will bring you new customers instantly..

Smooth sales just around the corner.



Our sales hub is a booking platform reaching millions of golfers worldwide through our channels. You can advertise your golf club and sell your tee times at your own prices and under your own control.

Today you are depending on multiple tour operators and other 3rd parties selling your teetimes.  Many of these  add a lot of manual labor, competing prices, low margins and a lot of headache. We don’t like that.

We give you a smooth and modern alternative instead.

Our platform collects all the relevant data and insights on who your customers are. But best of all, we share the data with you! This way you can optimize your sales, get to know your customers better and target your marketing more efficiently.

You only pay a commission on the generated sales. We do the rest for you.

To join, we simply connect your tee sheet software through ready API’s to our platform and we help you automate your sales process.

How it works

A Modern and fair model

Do what you do best, without being bound to 3rd parties. At
Greenfee365 you are in total control of your product. We are experts in finding golfers,
traffic and inspiring them to purchase your teetimes. We know who your customer is
and where to find them. By selling with Greenfee365 you will reach new customers and earn more. Our
commission on your generated sales is your only investment.


We find 4 male golfers
that want to buy your times.
The golfer completing the booking
add himself and his friends to
the reservation.


Booking completed
and you are both notified and
your system is updated with all


If the player pays the
greenfee directly you get
paid instantly, otherwise
on arrival.


You prepare your course and
focus on giving the player a
great experience.



Our software algorithms and global hypertargeting of golfers brings the right golfer to the right golf club and makes purchasing tee times super easy.


You decide whether you want to sell some or all of your tee times through our platform. The price is up to you.


We want to make it easy for you to join our platform. All you have to do is create an account and claim your golf club. Your tee sheet software can be connected through APIs or you can use our allotment system.


We want golfers to feel comfortable by giving them a booking experience in their own language. Your course is advertised in multiple languages, free of charge.


Increase your cash flow with payouts from customers that pay in advance from our PSD2 and PCI certified payment partner Stripe.


Collecting payments and making transactions are both easy and secure through our PSD2 certified partner. Decide if you want to offer payment on arrival, direct payment or both. We make sure you get paid and support all major currencies. No hidden fees.


Let us feed you. We let you know every thing from customer demographics to searches in your area, keywords, and you get all the data you need on your players. Fully GDPR compliant.


We offer multiple tee sheet intergrations through APIs. This means that we can connect your tee sheet software and reduce the number of manual steps, such as emails and telephone calls. We keep it simple.


We target golfers both near and far and invest in traffic, user experience and hypertargeting to ensure the right golfer finds the right tee time.

Crystal clear?

Frequently Asked Questions

On and off button

We give you the freedom to open or close sales on your club at our platform whenever you want. We have no lock-in contracts, you’re in full control of your teetimes and presence at Greenfee365.

Use alongside other platforms

Using Greenfee365 alongside other partners is not a problem. With our simple calendar you can manage your availability parallel with your other sales channels.

Tee time avaliability

Import all your teetimes or only teetimes during special times of the day, weekend or season. At you decide when you want players to your course. But our unique algorithm will promote your presence based on your inventory in the platform.


You decide whether you want to offer direct payment, payment on arrival or both. Our checkout is connected to Stripe, one of the world-leading payment processors, which supports direct payments. We never collect credit card detail, and neither should you!

The golfer can also choose to pay on arrival.

Choice of law?

All agreements with Greenfee365 are goverend by Swedish Law since we are a company working globally and have our main office in Sweden.

Communication with players

Our professional customer service will be the players’ first contact. We help the players with the trivia so that you can talk to the players about the important stuff, playing golf.

What happens after activation?

After activating your course, we review your information to make sure we have everything we need. Then you will get login credentials to our Extranet, where you can update your profile, availability and prices. After this is done you will receive instruction on how to finalize the process and set your sales live on

How much commission will I pay for bookings?

When you activate your profile and sales at you pay commission for each booking. The commission percentage can be found under the Account > Agreement section after you log in to At the end of each month, you will receive an invoice of the commission owed to Greenfee365.

Cancellations and no-shows

You can follow our guidelines or set your own – it is up to you. That’s correct, with Greenfee365 you decide your own no-show and cancellation policies.



Through our sales hub you don’t have to invest a single coin in bad digital marketing. You only pay a commission on the generated sales of course you pay us after the players have visited your club.

We are communicating with millions of golfers worldwide, bringing you customers through hypertargeting. You are in complete control and can choose how much or how little you want to use us.

  • Automize your sales and control your product with Greenfee365 sales hub.
  • Easily connect your teesheet or use our alotment system and decide the times you want to sell and your prices.
  • Earn more money with our fair business-model and spend less on headache and bad marketing.

Sample of tee sheet providers that we can connect with

+ many more and we are constantly adding more tee sheets to connect with.