Effective marketing online today is based on numerous factors if you want to be successful, there is multiple channels to choose between and as we always use to say – the unique mix is the most important. One of the core things we have seen through the years is that it could be great to implement influencers in your marketing mix.

If you haven’t tried working with influencers, you should test it. But do it structured and decide what you want to achieve: sales, branding, awareness etc.

Now you maybe thinking, influencers… I have a few ambassadors at my club, they have a small section at our website. Sorry, but visitors today don’t take the time to look who your ambassadors are – you have to make them promote you in their channels – if they have relevant crowds. A lot of potential influencers might also be walking around your club without you even knowing about it.

So once again, it’s important to know you your players are, so you can be reactive.

There is an important difference between macro and micro-influencers, both are useful if you find the right influencers. Influencer marketing is something that really can have a profound effect on your branding and marketing efforts. We know that from having worked with both micro-influencers and macro infuencers.


But to begin with the basis, what is an influencer?

It’s someone with a relevant crowd and audience in social media. Someone who could be identifying with your brand and products and that maybe could be someone promoting your club or offers in their own channels.

From experience we know that the ones creating the deepest impact or highest value isn’t always the ones with the most followers it’s the one with the most relevant crowd, it maybe doesn’t matter if the influencer only have 2000 followers if he/she has a relevant crowd. The one with 2000 might be better than the one with 10 000 followers and the wrong audience for your club.

Relevance, relevance and relevance again.


To find the right influencer for your club you should always try to do the following:

  1. Check all the social medias of potential influencers (Check the accounts of 10 randomly selected followers to make sure your chosen influencer is the real deal)
  2. Reach out and ask how you could benefit from each other.
  3. Always state any agreements in a real contract or use a service listed under bullet 6.
  4. Decide which kind of re-numeration the influencer should receive, CPO and a discount code, a fixed price for a digital activity, benefits at your club or something like that. This is depending a little bit on what your objectives are.
  5. Let the influencer be creative regarding content, language etc. It’s important to remember that the influencer is the that knows how the crowd likes it.
  6. You could also check out companies like: imagency.com, relatable.me, network, influencermarketinghub.com, beatly.com. Etc. These are companies that can help you match your company with relevant influencers.


So who is your influencer?

You probably have a lot of potential influencers both among your existing members aswell as in players connected to and visiting your club. Antother tip could be to try and connect whenever a celebrity comes playing at your club and to be reactive and ask if they would be open to collaborate in some way.

Our main take aways from working with influencers is that it can be of great value, but always be skeptic and  take your time find the right ones for your golf club.