Let’s jump to
the future

We are experts in e-commerce, technology and customer acquisition.Especially in the golf industry.
We give you a modern and transparent platform that is 100% free to
join. A straightforward and easy business model that lets you
control your product(s), prices and your business. We only
provide you with new players, increased revenue
and customer data.


We have built Greenfee365 to make it easier for you to earn and sell more. We also help you to get to know your players and customers better.

We want to give you full control over your product and reducing the amount of time and manual labor you have to spend with a lot of 3rd parties. No more negotiating prices, poor business models and complex planning.

Today, finding customers online is both expensive and takes a lot of time and resources. Resources that instead could be used to give your players an even greater experience while visiting your golf course. We are good at finding the right customers and we invest heavily in marketing and hypertargeting players for your business.

You decide your own prices and only pay a commission on the generated sales within our platform.

Hey Manager, this is The new and smart way

Selling with Greenfee365

To make things more visual, we made a few examples for you with numbers on
how Greenfee365 works.

86 Euro

Your price for a tee time in the platform. You can also have specific prices for specific days and times.

17 Euro

Our commission to run the platform and promote your course on a massive scale.

69 Euro

Your revenue. This is more than what you would earn from a traditional 3rd party.

Selling teetimes the old

And not so smart way

60 Euro

Your tee time price to the reseller. You have little or no control of the reseller’s public price which often competes with the price on your website..

80 Euro

The price the resellers promote in their channels. You only get paid €60, which is €9 less than you earn with Greenfee365. For 1000 greenfees you that means €9000 more to your business.

86 Euro

Your greenfee price for customers visiting your website. The big difference in price makes your customer choose your reseller instead of you.

Even worse is Bartering teetimes

for marketing or software

8 Teetimes/day

You give away times to resellers that discount your product as deal-of-the-day. You believe you invest in your marketing and software, but you are destroying your brand, product and telling your customers that your tee times are super cheap.

24 Euro

The price the reseller promotes in their channels, 60% cheaper than your rack rate, and you get paid nothing. By selling the same time for €20 with Greenfee365, you would have earned 19.2 euros more AND we do the marketing for you.

100 Percent

No more headaches. Start using our platform today and receive both marketing and earn money on your product instead.